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This Is Beer Wallpaper - This Is Beer Background - This Is Beer Theme

Wallpaper Dimensions: 1920 x 1200

Windows PC Installation Directions:
1. Right Click on the Wallpaper Above
2. A Drop Down Menu will Show Up
3. Select "Set as Wallpaper or Background"
4. Enjoy your new This Is Beer Theme!
Mac/Apple OS Installation Directions:
1. Select the Wallpaper Above
2. Hold the Mouse Button until a Pop Up Menu Appears
3. Choose "Download Image to Disk" or "Save Image As"
4. Go to your Control Panel and Remove your previous Background
5. Choose the This Is Beer Desktop Wallpaper from your saved location.

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Welcome to our This Is Beer Wallpaper Page! We have many more This Is Beer Desktop Backgrounds here at BopMySpace. Feel free to use this This Is Beer Desktop Theme and our other Alcohol Galleries as your Windows, PC, Mac, TV, or even Cell Phone Background. No one on the Internet has a selection of Alcohol Backgrounds and Alcohol Themes like us!

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